KEN KNOX & COMPANY have been winning hearts and souls with their latest single… the ultra catchy ‘Reach Out 2 Me’. The tune, fronted by Ken – sometime member of the legendary Chairmen Of The Board, was originally massive on the Carolina Beach Music scene and has since gone global, finding favour with lovers of classic sweet soul who may well have been drawn in by the swirling strings, reminiscent of those on the Stylistics’ version of ‘You’ll Never Get To Heaven’.

The song is now set to run right through summer as DSG Recordings prepare to release it in a brand new remix. The new tweak comes courtesy of mixer of the moment, Nigel Lowis. Lowis, famed for re-tooling tunes in the Philly format, faced a dilemma here. The original already had all the classic hallmarks of the best of Philadelphia. What he’s done, therefore, is to make it all crisper and a little tighter. He also wisely put a  little more emphasis on the soulful sax solo ensuring that ‘Reach Out 2 Me’ remains one of the Summer’s big tunes

Ken Knox & Company – ‘Reach Out 2 Me’ – the remix will be available on DSG Records on August 24th.