We were introduced to Florida-born but New York–based singer songwriter, KENDRA MORRIS back in 2014 via her  cover of  The Proclaimers’  ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ which turned a few heads. She followed through with her  ‘Banshee’ album, an EP called ‘Babble’  and collaborations with people like Ghostface Killah and Motown guitar man Dennis Coffey… all building her CV. Then last year she made major strides with her ‘Nine Lives’ set which proffered more of her unique sound. At the time we opined that Ms M’s sound isn’t soul, jazz or funk but it has elements of all three plus a lot more – like the  classic girl group sound!

This Friday (Augst 25th) Kendra delivers a new album – ‘I Am What I Been Waiting For’ and like her previous work it’s eclectic and varied. Don’t expect anything here that come close to classic soul – possibly the most “soulful” track is the gentle and sweet ‘All Your Jokes’. Instead expect all kinds of everything!

The album has been produced  and largely co-written with Torbitt Schwartz AKA Little Shalimar and between them they  mix a heady cocktail that not only offers varied sounds but plenty of heavy messages – like ‘Dominoes’ which reflects on the mundane conflicts of domesticity and cohabitation and ‘Special’ which takes a bleak look  at  coping with fear and statistical unlikelihood.

KENDRA MORRIS; I Am What I Been Waiting For’ released 25th August via Colemine.