UK soul music entrepreneur, Dee Majek has, over the past couple of years, built up an army of admirers for the laid-back, grown-up, classy soul grooves he’s released under his KEJAM branding.

His last release was an EP with lead tune ‘Kejam Theme’ becoming a soul radio staple and mainstay in the boxes of the more sophisticated soul jocks.

Dee/Kejam is almost ready to launch his latest project – a three track summer collection which he’s dubbing ‘The Triple Treat’, describing the music as “gentle Soul rockin'”

The immediate grabber amongst the three is ‘This Love Is Magic’. A gentle, summer vibe… the vocalist is the wonderful Chanel Perry (pictured, left). She is, of course, best known for her classic ‘My Life’. Lisa Taylor takes lead on the slower ‘One And Only Love’ while the more up-tempo ‘Looking Back At Love’ has LaMenga Kafi upfront.

As all the singers are American, Dee has scheduled the official release for July 4th….. and he tells us that there are more Kejam goodies due in September