Earlier this year 70s funk band RIPPLE made a comeback of sorts Billed as RIPPLE 2.20. and featuring two original members – Curtis “Kazoo” Reynolds & Keith “Doc” Samuels, they made waves (geddit!) with their single – a coupling of the lovely John Edwards ballad, ‘Exercise My Love’ featuring a searing soul vocal from Samuels and  a new recording of their signature song…. ‘I Don’t Know What It  Is, But It Sure Is Funky.’

The ‘Funky’ cut was the one that won the plaudits and it was championed on the wireless by good ‘ole Craig Charles. The single soon sold out. Now the good people at IZIPHO RECORDS have repressed it in striking yellow vinyl! If you want it, though, you’ll need to move quickly…. the new pressing is almost sold out already!