CANDACE WOODSON is a southern soul singer who, like the very best, graduated from gospel.

Currently putting the finishing touches to her second LP, the set’s lead single – a sultry ‘Free’ won lots and lots of plaudits from the soul crew. To give the tune longer legs her label has just released a snappy new mix courtesy of Mr. Tom Glide.

Tommy Boy cranks up the tempo to tempt dance floors everywhere and its soundscape is such that more than one soul commentator has remarked on the similarity of the record to the best of dear old Linda Clifford.

Yes, it’s a great dance floor romp but Monsieur Glide keeps the vocal fiercely upfront so that we can all get song’s serious message. You see Candace has, thankfully, just been given the all clear from a life threatening cancer…. she truly is “free”. Food for thought!

The album’s due in the New Year. In the meantime the Tom Glide Remix of ‘Free’ (main mix and radio edits) will be available from the end of October.