FAITH RICHARDS (above) is a new name to us. Ms R, it seems,  has lived  something of an itinerant life – she’s lived in the UK and the US  and now  resides in Paris and the varied and various cultures she’s shared have, we’re told, influenced  her music. We’re also  told that Faith’s music  has garnered more than 11 million streams while she’s been “bigged up” by BBC Radio East Midlands and the Indian iteration of Rolling Stone magazine.

We don’t keep up with either of those media sources – but on the evidence of her latest single, both the East Midlands Beeb and the Indian mag have got it right! You see Faith’s newie, ‘Good Girl’ is a charming, insinuating mix of contemporary neo-soul and gentle R&B.

The song is all about not being put into a box. Faith wrote the song and she says: “I’m human – sometimes I’m shy, sometimes I’m social, sometimes I’m busy, sometimes I’m just doing my own thing. I can be everything all at once. No label. No box. Just Faith Richards in her entirety.” However, it’s  the insinuating soundscape that will grab you here. It’s sultry but not crass;  hypnotic but never formulaic; and the vocal is sweet and sincere. Out now!