As Dome Records gears up to unleash a second compilation to celebrate their 30th anniversary, one of the focus cuts is building up real momentum. It’s a wonderful new remix of DENNIS TAYLORS’S ‘Smile’. You’ll remember that ‘Smile’ first appeared in 2000 and it became an instant classic with the modern soul crowd. Yep, it’s one great tune … and it just got better as Drizabone’s Billy Freeman (aka Billy April) gets behind the mixing desk to deliver what he simply  calls the Drizabone mix.  That name still has a certain cachet and combine  those lovely, irresistible “real love” Driza flavours with an old classic  and you have  a wonderful cut that will remain popular through the year.

‘Dome 30, Volume 2’ is released today, 24th June  and we’ll post a full review very soon. In the meantime, do check out this ‘Smile’ mix. No conformation yet as to whether it will be released as a single… but we’re confident  it will be – it has smash written right through it!