Over the last month or so KEJAM (aka UK soul entrepreneur extraordinaire DEE MAJEK) has been leaking tracks from his latest and vey soon to be officially available EP, ‘On Track’.

The first tune that was made available was Lisa Taylor’s crisp dancer ‘Can You Feel The Love’. It made a great impression on the modern soul scene but better was to come with ‘My Love’ with vocals from US soul star Cleveland Jones. This classic slab of modern soul became an instant hit – both on radio and in the soul clubs and bars… and easy to hear why.

The final two cuts will be officially released on October 26th. They are ‘Diamonds’ with vocal from Terry Harris (listen up for a great Michael Jackson impression at the end!) and ‘Hold You Down’ featuring long-time Kejam muse, Chanel Perry. Both cuts are bob on the contemporary modern soul vibe and will follow ‘Can You Feel The Love’ and ‘My Love’ onto playlists, charts and favourites listings.

All songs are only available digitally via Amazon, iTunes, 7 digital and all other digital stores and streaming services.