Without any proper confirmation, I’m guessing that the MICHELLE LAWSON who debuted at the end of 2018 with a lovely foot-tapping, head-nodding ‘Looking For Love’ is the same Michelle Lawson from the 2014 X Factor series and who, for the last few years, has been selling out venues with an Adele tribute show. Well, if you investigated the song you’d have learned that Micelle’s ‘Looking’ was a million miles away from Adele’s wrist-slashing dirges. In fact it was a very tasty slab of classic Weekender style modern soul –with many commentators noting a resemblance to Teena Marie’s ‘Square Biz’.

The good news is that the track is back amongst us in two wonderful Soul Syndicate remixes. There’s’ not a lot to choose between the main one and the “SS Reflex mix” – both, stuffed with retro 80s flavours, have the potential to fill floors . Highly recommended!