Earlier this year we enjoyed a sweet and lovely soul groove from UK soul veteran PATRICK MCLEAN (The singer/sax man/writer/arranger/producer was a founder member of Hi Tension and more recently worked with the Brit Funk Association) in tandem with soulstress DEBORAH BELL. (You’ll remember her of course for her work with Groove Association.)

Their song was the brisk ‘Look Where You’re Going’ –  which carried the simple message that real  positivity in your relationship is so important; don’t dwell on obstacles, see them for what they are, challenges to be overcome with the love and security you provide each other! Amen!

‘Look Where You’re Going’ is now back with us in new mixes to  ensure  that the tune runs right through Summer – for sure the  song’s vibe, energy and message  are perfect for Summer days! The mixes are good to go now via Expansion.