B & THE FAMILY is a new soul duo made up of husband and wife team, Brian K. Morgan and Katie Goulet. Their debut single is the uplifting, optimistic, disco slanted, Chic flavoured, grove-heavy ‘A Good Time’.

Brian tells us that the song is about the joy of spending time with the one you love and letting them know how you feel and that good-time feeling is paying off with the UK soul crowd as we’re told that the limited edition vinyl 7″ of the cut is almost sold out!

Listen (not too hard) and you’ll hear shades of the aforementioned Chic and a hint of The Sugar Hill Gang ‘Rapper’s Delight.’ Hardly surprising… Brian played guitar on that seminal classic. He’s also well-known for his work with the late Kashif.

Keeping it in the family, Brian and Katie’s daughter Tayler Morgan-Stephens plays drums on the track and Evie Goulet is on keyboards.

The single is the first from the Orlando-based production company Hitshack Entertainment and is currently available via all the usual download portals….