Fans of the classic mid-70s sound of the ISLEY BROTHERS will be delighted to know that one of the creators of that unique sound is still making music … and making it in much the same mould. Keyboard man CHRIS JASPER was an integral part of the ISLEYS’ sound. CHRIS was with the brothers between 1973 and 1983 – playing on all the hits and writing songs like ‘Between The Sheets’ and the funk masterpiece ‘Fight The Power’.

A classically trained musician, CHRIS continues to make music which he releases via his Gold City Music set up. He’s just issued a new single called ‘Keep Believin’ –a crunchy, funk groove that will recall those heady years of the mid 70s. “Feel the power, keep believin’ and keep reaching’ higher” is CHRIS’ message … and you can find out more @