London based GHETTO PRIEST is something of an underground reggae hero (the clue’s in  the name, I guess). Always a flamboyant and innovative performer, he likes to intrigue and surprise listeners and if you fancy a little intrigue and/or surprise you could do worse than grab a listen to his latest outing – an unusual (not full-on reggae) version of the lounge jazz perennial ‘Sway.

I guess the tune is best known in the Deam Martin version, but pop anoraks also have a soft spot for Bobby Rydell’s Cameo Parkway cover.

You can probably guess that Ghetto Priest’s version is very different to both those. Taken from his latest album, ‘Big People Music’, it’s properly exotic. Even more exotic is the North Street West remix which features coaxing marimbas and castanets to take you away to palm fringed beaches, pina coladas and whatever else floats your boat. Out now on Ramrock Records