Want some good news for the weekend?  Well supreme soul stylist RUBEN STUDDARD is back with some new music. The acclaimed winner of the 2003 series of American Idol is preparing a new album as part of his new deal with Legend Tribe, RCS, and theSRG-ILS Group.

The new long player’s due in September, but as taster we can now enjoy the first single – a gorgeous, sophisticated but soulful ballad, ‘The Way I Remember It’. It’s actually our man’s first single in nine years and the track underlines what we already knew – that Mr S is, as we’ve just said, a supreme soul stylist and that he’s an unashamed fan of a certain Luther Vandross. You’ll remember that Ruben’s last album was a Vandross tribute and this ‘The Way I Remember It’ has dear Luther stamped all over it.

Ruben says: “’The Way I Remember It’ is  classic love song written and produced by Balewa Muhammad. It’s just the kind of Luther-style ballad folks have been waiting for from me.”

The song is a gentle refrain with delicate piano fills into which Ruben pour his heart and soul as he reflects on his first encounter with his forever lady. And is that a lyrical refence to ‘Better Love’? Sadly missed Luther, would be proud of this one. Ruben Studdard’s ’The Way I Remember It’ is  out now and comes recommended!