THE DEGREES (two of ‘em, not three!) are a Bristol-based band –  Charlie Bierman and Isha Campbell. Their debut single – a gentle but smouldering ‘All Said And Done’ won them plenty of friends in the UK soul world. The follow up fared even better . It was a gentle, jazzy neo-soul  flavoured ‘I Need You’ which won plenty of radio support – most notably from Jazz FM.

The Degree team are set to repeat that success with their latest release -a solid, insistent neo-soul groove which is swathed in warm harmonies under Ms Campbell’s genuine old school soul voice.  The track is a sort of amalgam of Bill Withers’  classic sound with the street vibes of bands like the Young Disciples. Recommended!

THE DEGREES : ‘I Need You’ is out now via The Fallen Tree 1Hundred label, curated by Goldie.