Latest offering from HIL ST SOUL (Hilary Mwelwa) is a slinky reading of an old Ohio Players’ tune…. ‘Heaven Must Be Like This’ and it’s the follow up to her last singles ‘One Life’ and ‘In My Groove’ – both collaborations with Regi Myrix. Not sure if Regi’s involved with ‘Heaven Must Be Like This’ as Hilary says she was herself inspired to record it after hearing it again on the Ohio Players’ classic ‘Skin Tight’ long player.

The song has been covered before of course – most notably by D’Angelo in 1998 (you’ll remember it was on the soundtrack to ‘Down in the Delta’) but here Hilary puts her own distinct spin on the song fusing elements of soul and smooth jazz. It’s a cool summery vibe – most welcome at this tough time of year when apart from the obvious, we’re all looking forward to something… whatever it might be; it’s just got to be something better than right now! ‘Heaven Must Be Like This’ helps fuel the optimism.

The singer says the song (hopefully) “will allow listeners to go on a euphoric journey with me and switch off from the world’s troubles, even if it’s for a few minutes. To quote the lyrics of the first verse of the song, I hope the listener finds ‘a place of happiness’ and ‘somewhere to rest their aching mind.’” Amen sister!

Hil St Soul; ‘Heaven Must Be Like This’ is out now on Shanachie Records. No word yet whether the single heralds a full album.