KEA MICHAELS is a soul songbird who hails from the Pittsburgh area. Professionally she prefers to be known just as Kea and in April 2018 she released her debut single….’I Love You’. She wrote the song herself and it was a sweet and smooth ballad with commentators making comparisons with Anita Baker.

She followed that with 2019’s ‘Not My Friend – another deceptively simple, smooth soul outing with a hint of jazz. We were told that ‘Not My Friend’ was one of the focus cuts on Ms Michaels’ forthcoming EP, ‘Relationships’.

Well, it appears that the ‘Relationships’ EP is almost good to go and to drum up interest Kea’s people are focusing on a new song, ‘Holla If You Hear Me’. It’s another seemingly sweet and soulful outing with a jazzy undertow. Beautifully song (shades of Anita Baker again) with a lovely, muted horn solo, the lyrics offer social relevance and ask some pertinent questions – with particular reference to the murder of George Floyd. In essence, it’s a call for society as a whole to recognize the part in which they play in order for all to realize change for the better. The lesson is delivered beautifully.

The upcoming EP also features an intriguing cover of Smokey Robinson’s ‘Being With You’ – one to watch for. But in the meantime, do yourself a favour and grab a listen to ‘Holla If You Need Me’.