Latest release from Acid Jazz imprint Fingier Records is a 7” that pairs two more  authentically retro sounds from Argentinean mod, muso KEVIN FINGIER and his band – the eponymous COLLECTIVE.

The A side is a throwback to the great days of early 60s R&B. It’s a boisterous, ‘Why Don’t You Go Home’. Down and dirty, big and brassy, it features a powerhouse vocal from Diane Ward… think Sugar Pie DeSanto and early Etta James! Diane, it seems, hails from the USA and grew up singing Gospel in her local church (obvious from her voice!) She lived in Argentina for a couple of years, and one night Kevin saw her perform and instantly her voice blew his mind. In his words: ”She’s  a proper R&B singer, she reminded me to Ruth Brown, Mary Ann Fisher or Lula Reed. She has that potent and obscure sound that took me to those lately 50s early 60s Popcorn tracks”. Proper Northern fans (i.e. those who “know” soul will love this one!

The disc’s B side is a wild, Latin, Mongo Santamaria style instrumental  – ‘Cocktail De Medianoche, a mash of  Boogaloo and Northern Soul with everything in the mix – mad percussion, bonkers flute and parping  horns. Out now!