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‘Don’t Know Where I’m Going’ is an intriguing new single  from Brighton-based  producer (Will) SUMSUCH (Marshall)  in tandem with Philly  musician/ vocalist WILL BROCK. The pair have worked together for a decade now and the hypnotic ‘Don’t Know Where I’m Going’ comes from a series of studio sessions which took place in West Philly during May 2022, after the pair had been separated for a couple of years by the pandemic. The  song eventually came into being after an intense discourse on home, ancestry, and what those words mean when you’re black in America.

After they’d cut the demo, the two Wills passed the music over to New Jersey vocalist Kameelah Waheed who laid down a moving spoken word verse in one take. Anoraks might know that Kameelah got her break writing for Bunny Sigler on Philadelphia International Records, going on to collaborate with Larry Gold on BBE, and most recently with Honey Dijon on album ‘Black Girl Magic’, released in 2022 on Defected Records.

The trio’s resulting ‘Don’t Know Where I’m Going’  is an insinuating track with an eerie, hypnotic feel that sinks into you consciousness after just one play.  It’s not classic soul, it’s not jazz, it’s not house  in the normal context but it has elements of all three. Deep, mindful music, for sure – provocative and intriguing too.

‘Don’t Know Where I’m Going’ comes in its lovely original version and there are two re-imaginings  (one a dub) from  Ireland’s Gavin Boyce. This recommended ‘Don’t Know Where I’m Going’ is released via  Colour And Pitch at the end of April.