A few weeks back French blue-eyed soul man ALEXIS EVANS announced the release of an upcoming album, ‘Yours Truly’. It’s the follow up  to his 2019 set, ‘I’ve Come A Long Way’ which contained the lovely single, I Made A Deal With Myself’, a tune that  betrayed young Alexis’ influences – classic soul – a genre passed on to him via his soul loving English father.

A couple of weeks back, Monsieur Evans released the first single from ‘Yours Truly’. It was a quirky, intriguing ‘Mister Right on Time’ and Alexis now follows that with a much more orthodox soul cut, ‘Do Something’. This one’s a gentle and melodic blue-eyed soul ballad with classic harmonies and a little Burt Bacharach vibe via the muted trumpet/fluegelhorn… very beguiling and very lovely. The gentleness of the song though masks some powerful lyrics. Alexis says: “This may be the only song I’ve written about politics or larger issues. While it doesn’t talk about specific subjects, neither gives any solution, it came to me after talking to many people with astonishing intellectual views about important matters. The thing is, you can have all the incredible ideas to help make a better world, if you don’t do nothing about it, it stays in your head. And through history, we’ve seen small groups be a part of a greater change. Maxime Lescure added a flugelhorn riff that smooths the song’s meaning”.

In every respect ‘Do Something’ is a wonderful track  and it bodes well for the album. ‘Do Something’ is  available on all digital platforms from today. The new album is set for release on February 3rd, 2023, on LP, CD and digital via Milan-based label Record Kicks.