In these troubled times we’re constantly being bombarded with advice on how to survive; on how to “get through”. The advice gurus offer all kinds of remedies and ideas but one thing crops up time after time … the need to relax, or to use modern parlance “to chill” … to take time out and let the mind drift from the anxieties and pressures of the day. Those gurus will also tell us that some kind of gentle, relaxing, “ambient” music can help set the right mood and one special ambient musician whose name crops up regularly in the more esoteric advice columns is Seattle-based oLLIkLOmp (yes,  that’s the way he spells it!)

Now the Color Red label has teamed up with Mr kLOmp to create an ambient music channel… LOW STIMULI (which is live now). The channel features his entire body of ambient music work alongside numerous collaborators with a vision to give listeners a catalogue of music that calms the mind and reduces anxiety. He says: “The volition behind Low Stimuli Music is peaceful in mind, body, and mysteries. Timeless and formless aspects make it suitable for all ages and walks of life. Day or night, the soothing affect could be considered medicinal.”

Low Stimuli Music will release music on a weekly basis. The channel offers users one free track per week via email that is available by simply visiting www.lowstimuli.com and clicking “Follow Channel” to sign up for the mailing list. They say: “From the crib to the death bed, people walking through all paths of life can benefit from the space between the ruckus that Low Stimuli Music will provide”.