OURRA is a soul girl from South East London who’s been making a name for herself over the last four or five years and her upward trajectory is set to continue with her latest single – a moody, deep, shuffling  groove, ‘Just Breathe’ which  sits sweetly on the cusp of contemporary soul and modern R&B. Helping our girl deliver is producer and rapper Tee whose organic rhyming on the track adds to the atmosphere.

 The song explores mental health issues and the importance of knowing you’re not alone in the way you’re feeling. Interestingly Ourra was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD and recently was thinking of giving up on music. However she stuck with it and ‘Just Breathe’ is a comeback of sorts. She says: “I got to a point where I wanted to re-identify my purpose in life, so I started therapy for my depression and social anxiety and started going to church a lot more. Things just started falling back into place. I realised that my time with music wasn’t over, and that my purpose in life is to help people – someone out there needs to hear it for their own healing too.”

OURRA; Just Breathe released tomorrow September 7th

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