Hot on the heels of his acclaimed performance in Radio 2’s ‘Piano Room’, where he performed three songs, JALEN NGONDA  and his label (Daptone) are rush releasing one of those songs – a quite lovely, old school yet contemporary soul cut, ‘Illusions’ .

The arrangement is full-on and sophisticated but as with his critically acclaimed Daptone Records debut album ‘Come Around and Love Me’, it’s Jalen’s emotive and octave soaring voice that carries the day.  

Of the song (which isn’t on the album, by the way), the singer says: “’Illusions’ follows the story of a man who is madly in love with someone and often thinks of the life they have together. As he awakes up one morning, he realises his infatuations have led him to become delusional from reality, given the fact the love interest knows nothing of his existence.” It’s the big, sweeping soundscape though which impresses.

‘Illusions’ is released this Friday, 23rd February. You can catch Jalen’s ‘Piano Room’ sessions on the BBC I Player  where, of course, he performs ‘Illusions’, his still lovely ‘If You Don’t Want My Love’ and watch out for a great cover of the Beach Boys’ ‘Don’t Cry. Put Your Head On My Shoulder’.