London-based soulstress ANNIA GARVEY has ben busy this year. First we enthused about her duet with John  Carey on a cover of Bo Kirkland and Ruth Davis’s 1976 hit ‘You’re Going to Get Next to Me’ which was followed by  a lovely  ‘Follow Me’ – a classy, contemporary soul groove.

Now Ms G’s back with another big, bright soul dancer, ‘Just A Little Love’. Like the two cuts mentioned above it mines a great 80s Weekender vibe – foot taping, head nodding… you get the picture? It makes no demands and just shouts out “have great time”! Ania sings sweetly and the cut also features a sort of spoken verse (not quite a rap, not sung) from an uncredited  male. Maybe it’s the aforementioned John Carey or a member of  the backing crew… the Afrunk Band. Out now and recomeneded !