‘Jumpin’’ and ‘Keep On Jumpin’’ are two bona fide house classics from pioneering music maker TODD TERRY. The former hit us in 1994, the latter a few years later and didn’t it feature Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown?

In 1996 mix man STEVE MAC (one half of the Rhythm Masters and a big fan of Todd) remixed ‘Jumpin’’  and the mix actually became a UK pop hit!

Fast forward to last year and techno DJ Mark Broom tried to get hold of a copy of that remix from Steve himself, but genial Mr M decided to go a little further and created a new mix/mash up which incorporated ‘Keep On Jumpin’’ with the original ‘Jumpin’’.  Mark Broom played the new pumped up version on his 2022 US tour and it went down a proverbial storm. Encouraged, Steve asked Todd’s permission to release the tweak to satisfy demand and it’s all set for release on all platforms on January 20th via Freeze Records. It’s a big, big sound – for sure not soulful but a floor filler never the less and it precedes an upcoming Steve Mac long player ‘Bless This Acid House’. That title gives you the flavour.

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