Puerto Rican born R&B/Soul/Gospel singer-songwriter and producer KETSYHA (Ketsia J. Cardona) has made waves this year with some catchy releases – sweet and simple pop-soul confections like You ‘Love Me Like I Am’.

The lady’s latest release follows the same pattern – it’s a bright and breezy, ‘Jump into the Cold Water’ and it’s  the official follow up to her last single, ‘Search Your Soul’.

‘Jump’ is an optimistic summer sound and Ketsyha tells us that the song tells the story about her experience of taking the plunge of leaving her hometown to move to Los Angeles. “This song was inspired after a conversation with my co-writer Adelynn Mejia about life-changing moments. I was sharing with her my experience of moving to LA to pursue my music career and how it felt like a “jump into cold water. The song is about how good it feels to take the leap of faith towards your passion. It really is an invitation to pursue your dreams.” 

Jump into the Cold Water” will be available to stream on all platforms on July 29, 2022.