Individually the fabulous JONES GIRLS are enjoying a renaissance. Shirley Jones has recently released a slinky dance groove, ‘Because You Love Me,’ on Expansion Records (see our recent news item and in-depth interview) and now sister BRENDA JONES re-enters the musical fray with an urgent dance tune called ‘What Your Love Has Done’.

Brenda was a key member of the Jones Girls, singing lead on tunes like ‘This Feelings Killing Me’, ‘You’re Gonna Make Me Love Someone Else’ and ‘Life Goes On’ and, of course, she shared lead on the girls’ signature tune ‘Nights Over Egypt’.

In recent times Brenda has concentrated on her family but in 2007 she went into the studio and recorded a catchy dance tune called ‘What Your Love Has Done’. The song was written by Dewey Andrews and Brenda co-produced affairs with George Mena. Mena sadly died soon afterwards and the recording lay in the can till last year when Andrews decided to issue it. Brenda did some extra vocals and the cut is now available on Honeycomb Music – a label owned by Josh Milan of Blaze fame.

Credited to THE BRENDA JONESGIRL EXPERIENCE, ‘What Your Love Had Done To Me’ has real echoes of the classic Jones Girls’ sound. And it’s not just Brenda’s distinct vocal that gives that impression…. there’s a certain Dexter Wansell involved in the instrumentation!

The cut comes in all kinds of mixes with Josh Milan building in some great soulful house shadings to his tweaks but soul fans will, I’m sure, go for the classy Menakeys Mix. The tune will be available from January13th and you can find out more by web searching Honeycomb music and you’ll discover a number of options.