JOE’S wonderful ‘Bridges’ set was released in the States in the summer. The long player was/is Mr Thomas’ eleventh studio album and his first without long time manager and mentor Kedar Massenburg. It came out on his own label (Plaid Takeover) and was quickly acclaimed as one of his very best. The album won support right across the spectrum – enjoyed by hard core R&B addicts and the more conservative modern soul crew alike. Indeed one the album’s key cuts – the ultra catchy ‘Future Teller’ – was considered so good that it won a place on the ‘Soul Together 2014’ compilation… a kind of Hall Of Fame for the very best of the year’s modern soul. It’s not the only album goodie though; check ‘First Lady’ – another fab dancer or ‘Love And Sex Part 2’ – a duet with Kelly Rowland that’s as good a ballad as any you’ll have heard in 2014.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, the album is about to get an official UK physical release (January 5th) so if you missed it back in the summer, the time’s right to get onto one of the very best recent proper modern soul sets… and if you want to read more check our review @