JODY WATLEY continues her successful liaison with acclaimed Italian DJ Producer & Remixer ALEX DI CIÒ with a new EP, ‘Renderings’.

Ms W says: “One of the definitions of a rendering is an interpretation or translation of art: that’s what I thought about as I listened to Alex’s mixes that he was inspired to do on songs from my critically acclaimed ‘The Makeover’ and ‘Midnight Lounge’ electronic soul fused projects. I recognize that not everyone is up on everything I’ve done and quality music can be fresh discovered for the first time, especially in the digital age. All of the curated selections are danceable with meaningful lyrics from the empowering ‘A Beautiful Life’, the thought provoking ‘Clouds’, the relationship angst of ‘More’, the uplifting ‘Whenever’ and the poignancy of ‘Not A Single Day’ it’s a well round mini collection. “

Focus track right now is the classy, beater ‘Not A Single Day Goes By’ which features some biting guitar work from Levi Seacer – sometime Prince sideman. Jody dedicates this song to those no longer with us.

Jody Watley: ‘Renderings: The Alex Di Ciò Remixes’ – EP out now via Avitone Recordings.