JAZZED – World’s First Audio-Visual Jazz Streaming Service Launches Today

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               Today marks the launch of  Jazzed, a dedicated jazz streaming platform looks set to change the way that the genre interfaces with listeners. Providing an integrated lisetening, viewing and reading experience that will include curated audio and video content along with pdocasts, documenttaries, live concerts, and interveiws, it  promises to revolutiosie how jazz is consumed.

Jazzed has also teamed-up with US publication, JAZZIZ, and agreed liccensing terms with both major and indeendent labels. Co-founded by former Jazz FM boss Jonathan Arendt (CEO), digital tech music pioneer Frank Taubert (COO) and former Bertelsmann and Sony Music executive Marcel Engh (CMO), Jazzed is a subscription service and at launch will provide initially two tiers: jazzed, an ad-funded freemium tier with 10 audio channels and comprehensive video and editorial offering, and jazzed+, a premium tier priced at £5.99 a month which offers a deeper curated experience of 40+ audio channels with an extensive choice of exclusive video and editorial.

Says Jazzed CEO Jonathan Arendt:  “There’s strong evidence that mainstream streaming services are not meeting the needs of specialist music fans. We know that jazz listeners are interested in a deeper experience than offered by mainstream platforms and believe that jazzed, with its rich artist meta-data, HD audio quality, premium video content and beautifully curated channels is the solution.”