IZO FITZROY’S recent album How The Mighty Fall’ has won plaudits and praise all over the place (see our review section). One of the LP’s most popular cuts proved to be ‘Blind Faith’ and, as is the modern way, Ms F and her people have chosen to have it remixed!

The song now comes in four flavours…. 3 from French Nu Disco whizz, Art Of Tones, (the remix, the extended mix and the obligatory dub) and one from Geordie maestro, Smoove (of Smoove & Turrell). As you can imagine the tune is quite transformed. Where the original was a crisp pop /soul outing the new tweaks discover fresh territory… funky beats, catchy hooks, airy electronic and a whole lot more. What is retained (wisely) is Izo’s  soulful delivery. The new mixes are out now on Jalapeno Records.