Just last year, ever-dependable Izipho Soul released a best-selling single on London based musician/producer JULIAN JONAH. (If you have long memories you might just remember his 80s outings ‘Jealousy and Lies’ and  ‘Hot To Touch’). The 2022 Izipho disc paired two then “new” JJ outings – ‘Comin’ Back For Your Lovin’’ and  ‘Now’s The Time For Us’.

Both tunes channelled that classic optimistic 80s Weekender vibe and the good news is that Izipho have licensed another great Julain Jonah track and are offering it in two versions! Song in question is another 80s flavoured soul confection, ‘If You Wanna (Know What’s Missing)’ and one version features a vocal from  DUTCH ROBINSON; the other SUGAR RAINBOW.

Robinson was one of the original singers of the Ohio Players and he released  a solo album on United Artists in 1977. His best known outing on the modern soul scene is  ‘Can’t Get Along Without You’. Ms Rainbow is of a more contemporary vintage. Her recent work includes acclaimed duets with Heather Haywood. Whether and old hand or a  young gun going for it, both deliver convincingly on a production that ticks all the right boxes – live strings, an infectious bass guitar riff, synth fills,  a gorgeous horn solo and, of course, those expressive vocals. We can’t decide which is the better version – think we’ll call it a tie! You can make your own mind up by investigating @  https://www.iziphosoul.com/