Record label NuNortherns Soul , as its countless adherents will tell you, isn’t a Northern soul label; rather it specialises in classy soulful house and dance, much with a distinct Balearic flavour. The label was formed in 2012 (prior to that the team ran all kinds of dance events), so these NuNortherners have plenty of experience and a great track record.

If you’ve yet to catch up with them and the music, here’s a good opportunity as the label releases the fourth instalment of their annual ‘Summer Selections’ EP.

The 6 tracker is stuffed with Ibizan sunshine sounds  and sumptuous downtempo grooves- just what we need right now! It’s perfect for lovers of the all things Balearic –  typified by the opening ‘Amber’ from James Bright – a colourful and analogue-rich mid-tempo Balearic house outing. The other tunes are ‘Nana a Leon’ from Be.Ianuit with vocalist Marcos de la Fuente, San Francisco’s Cole Odin’s ‘Growing’, Gold Suite’s ‘The Cowboy’, North Of The Island’s ‘I Feel’ and Smoke & Fly from Residentes Balearicos.

Across the six tracks there’s plenty of variety. ‘The Cowboy’, for instance fuses Americana with a  reggae vibe, ‘Nana A Leon’ is a lovely ethereal spoken word piece while ‘I Feel’ is a classic sunset at the dear old Café Del Mar moment.

All 6 tracks  have been picked by label boss Phil Cooper who makes sure that each cut offers a distinct Ibizan  vibe ensuring a unified whole! ‘Summer Selections Four’ EP is available now  on vinyl, all digital download and streaming platforms via NuNorthern Soul and it’s a lovely way to celebrate a tenth anniversary for the label!