TOMER KATZ is a songwriter and producer (from Tel Aviv, Israel) who currently heads up the D FINE US music project. Katz’s music background and influences are varied and eclectic – soul and R&B , for sure, but also the blues (a genre that seems to be enjoying a renaissance right now – see our posts on Buddy Guy and Jeff Washington). What he tries to do via D Fine U is to fuse (he says “collide”) old and new influences  with electronic textures to create what he calls “a compelling pastiche of ‘culture-clashed’ music.”

Hear what that actually means via D Fine Us’ latest album, ‘Safe To Disconnect’. The 9 tracker offers an eclectic soundscape –  a sound that is uniquely, Tomer’s own. Helping him craft his envelope-pushing sounds are musicians he teamed up with in the Mississippi Delta – artists/vocalists like Johnny Drummer, Big T Williams, Lucious Spiller, Pat Thomas and Iceman.

The track which maybe best sums up the sound of D Fine Us is ‘The Fox’. Here the guest is Noga Erez who adds a certain amount of threat to the track. It’s a sound of both authenticity  and innovation. D Fine Us deeply cares about music not only as a way to provide entertainment and fun but also as a way to deeply express himself, tell stories and connect with people on a more personal level.

We won’t pretend that ‘Safe To Disconnect’ is an easy listen or that it is traditional soul, R&B  or blues – it isn’t. But there are elements of all three in the music and for those with adventurous ears, this comes recommended!