Back in 2015 we introduced you to an experimental jazz collective called METAQUORUM who were led by Russian born, British composer Dmitrty Ermakov. Mr E told us back then that the band’s mission statement was to “to blend “jazz, funk, rock, blues, reggae, baroque, electronica, and more with a cool-foot-tapping swing to make the room buzz”.

Metaquorum continue in their quest to deliver that exotic and eclectic blend with their brand-new 12 tracker ‘Witchcraft Jazz’. Though still predominantly electronic, this new set is maybe a tad mellower than their previous ‘Midnight Sun’ long player. That said, it’s still not an easy listen –a quick glance at the track titles will tell you that…. I mean ‘Socket Swing’, ‘Goldfinch Charm’, ‘Limping Mathematician’ and ‘Seven Dwarfs Rock’!

The sleeve notes are equally oblique:“The vanishing point of horizontal veils, shiver of vibrating stillness in the motion of bending expanse of thought, looking at itself“. Dmitrty describes his words and music as “experimental structural fusion” and if you’re prepared for the adventure, ‘Witchcraft Jazz’ is out now.