KIA (above) is a Los Angeles-based singer. Her heritage is half Dutch and half Indonesian and she describes her sound as “a compelling blend of alternative R&B and neo-soul”… and that’s an excellent summation of her latest single, ‘Okay, Alright’.

The song is all about the end of a relationship – not a good one, it seems. The theme is turning loss into anger – followed by confusion, sadness and  acceptance; yes, it’s OK, it’s alright and the soundscape matches the message. Kia says: “We used real recorded rain sounds when it was pouring in LA to set a mood, as well as some video game sounds that took me back to a moment in life where I felt smaller. There are subtle sound effects on the vocals that represent my deep, introspective thoughts.”

‘Okay, Alright’  is from Kia’s  upcoming EP, Retrospect.