We know she won’t mind us calling her a “Soul veteran”, ‘cos after all  MELBA MOORE did begin her career way back in 1969 – appearing in ‘Hair’ on Broadway! After that more Broadway successes and, of course, a string of soul and R&B hits and classics like ‘Lean On Me’, ‘This Is It’, ‘You Stepped Into My Life’, ‘Love’s Comin’ At Ya’, ‘Livin’ For Your Love’, ‘Falling’ and ‘A Little Bit More’.

In the last couple of years, Ms Moore’s enjoyed something of a renaissance, climaxing in  her excellent summer album , ‘Imagine’. The big tune was  the steady, stately, adult soul groove, ‘Take Her Picture Down’  but the album yielded plenty more treasures like ‘Take Me Away ‘ and the title track.

Maintaining a high profile Melba is all set to release a new singe – a lovely steppers groove, ‘Not Too Late’. The track has been produced by the ever-busy Herb Middleton and it offers all his trademark feel good flourishes while Melba is, well, just Melba  – in fine voice! This one comes with a big SJF thumbs up!!!