LIAM MOCKRIDGE is a blue-eyed soulster who works out of Berlin. He started his career  throwing what he called “disco parties” in the German capital and now he has his own studio from where he launched this June’s  ‘Overrated’ single which won him some attention and plenty of plays.

For his latest single  Liam has teamed up with Amsterdam based producer duo Levi Levi . The duo have crafted  ‘Magic Like This’ and it’s a crisp, blue-eyed soul dancer – but maybe too poppy for the serious soul crowd.

The tune’s putative  B side offers, maybe, a deeper soul vibe (though not that deep). It’s   ‘Overrated’ which has a catchy 70s feel. On the track Liam’s supported by German indie outfit Zimmer 90; there’s also a lovely horn solo too.  The message in this music, by the way, is that the manner in which   modern youth society is driven by material things is ‘Overrated’. Seconded!