If you haven’t noticed … it is Christmas time and for the last time (honest) we present a new Christmas soul song for those getting a wee bit fed up with all the old chestnuts and turkeys!

Our latest recommendation comes from Canadian band CRACK OF DAWN. The “Crackers” have been in business for over 40 years so they do know about soul and its heritage and in the summer we were delighted with their lovely album, ‘Spotlight’ and their Festive song displays all the old school values of that long player.

The song is called ‘It’s Christmas Time’ … yes, not a very original title (and not to be confused with a recent Showtyme song with the same title) but it really is an honest attempt to recreate the Christmassy sound of those old Motown festive sets. Vocalist Michael Dunston is in fine form and the rest of the band offer smooth harmonies and sympathetic accompaniment. The band’s PR people say that this ‘It’s Christmas Time’ “is guaranteed to melt the heart of even the most committed Scrooge!” Wouldn’t argue with that and if you get a chance please check out CRACK OF DAWN’S ‘Spotlight’ album.