Just last week we enjoyed a couple of tasty singles from two stalwarts of the UK soul scene – Geordie band SOULUTIONS  and veteran singer/songwriter EVERIS.

The Soulutions track (released to celebrate their ten successful years in the biz) was the lovely Lisa Stansfield-flavoured ‘Love Don’t Come That Easy’. It delivered everything that we’ve come to know and love about that  very special SouLutions’ sound. However, those with (very) sharp ears noticed that the lyric contained the “S” word! Louise Mehan  didn’t want to take any more of it! maybe the use of that word has put off some radio station from playing the song, so Louise and musical partner Steve Lee have re-edited the tune omitting the word.

Makes no odds, it’s still a great tune but only available (at the moment) as a download from

The Everis song, ’ Love And Affection’ was a different kettle of fish. The song is a favourite  of the singer and he re-issued it in a Karltone mix. It was (indeed is) sweet, simple and catchy but the conservative soul crowd once again, it seems, took offence at the inclusion of a Caribbean flavoured rap! Thus Everis and his team have taken the razor blade to the tapes and edited out the rapping – so now you can enjoy without it. Good to go now!