Finland isn’t the first place that springs to mind when thinking about Latin jazz music but the country has always had a thriving scene and in the 80s/90s the Maumau label issued some interesting and now collectable music. Amongst their releases  was a three track EP from Brazilian duo ROSANNA & ZÉLIA (musicians Rosanna Guimarães Tavares and Zélia Nogueira da Fonseca)

The pair had moved from Brazil to Europe in 1988 and released several albums in Germany between 1993–2004  before Rosanna died of cancer in 2006. Zélia still continues her career in Germany, touring actively and releasing new music. The duo’s journey from Brazil to Germany also included two brief visits to Finland in 1989 and 1990 where they recorded a 7″ EP for local label Maumau Music.

The three tracker has long been collectable, so to satisfy demand , WE JAZZ RECORDS have just reissued it. The  disc is named for the opening song, a gentle, beguiling  ‘Baiao Da Luna’. The two other songs are the equally beguiling ‘Tonto Luar’  and ‘Extra’ which is subtitled ‘Brazilian Reggae’ – as interesting as that subtitle suggests.

If unusual Brazilian music is your thing, you may want to investigate . The ROSANNA & ZÉLIA ‘Baiao Da Luna’ EP is out now (7” vinyl and digital) via We Jazz.