B.K.W.H is the musical alter ego of a gentleman who simply calls himself Beckwith. He hails from that soul hot bed Frinton  and chart followers will know that last year he enjoyed some action with his song, ‘Everyday’. Though that passed us by we’re told that the aspiring singer has already enjoyed two earlier hits – so, three in a row! Sadly, though, no number 1s! It seems, however,  that his hat trick achievement brought praise from all and sundry, including DJ Soulchild who posted: “Congratulation’s to B.K.W.H on his third number two R&B record in a row, although you still can’t beat The Weekend!”

For the uninitiated, The Weekend is Canadian singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor, Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, who’s enjoyed countless #1 hits across genres! DJ Soulchild’s comment prompted Beckwith to pen a new song. He says: “There are not enough lyrical songs in today’s musical landscape and I wanted to have some fun with a new song. So my new song  song is all about no matter how hard I try, I just can’t beat THE WEEKEND to get that #1 R&B record.”

Thus our man is gearing up to release his ‘Can’t Beat The Weekend’. The title is , of course, tongue in cheek. Beckwith does want to get that elusive  #1 hit but the song is also a paean to weekend partying. It’s big and bold … a classic slice of timeless Luxury Soul that will please soul dancers everywhere!

B.K.W.H’s Can’t Beat The Weekend’ is out now on all Digital Platforms – iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon + Deezer.