THE REVIVALISTS are a New Orleans rock band known for their live shows and their old school approach to music. The octet is led by David Shaw and they’ve built a huge following – their music’s been streamed over 540 million times and with four albums to their name their shows are instant sell outs and though tagged “rock” the Revivalists also offer their take on country, gospel, Americana and old school soul. Billboard, no less, praised their ability to blend “just about every classic school of American music”.

Enjoy what the band offers on their latest offering ‘Made In Muscle Shoals Volume 2’ – a follow up to 2020’s volume 1. The disc is a 6 song EP and features new arrangements of some of the Revivalists’ best-loved songs, recorded live at the legendary FAME Studios, where countless classic tunes  were crafted.

Band bassist George Gekas opines, “You record at FAME studios with the intention of capturing some of the magic oozing out of those walls. ‘Got Love’ is a perfect example. The track encompasses the vibe of the session and is tailor-made for a Muscle Shoals rendition. It’s a version where everyone plays with a ton of grit and a rawness that comes from the history of the room. You can really hear it in the vintage mics.”

That ‘Got Love’ is one if the mini album’s highlights – down and dirty, shades of Delaney and Bonnie – country rock with a gritty, tough Southern soul feel.