Hamburg band, THE ANGELS OF LIBRA have released some intriguing music over the last couple of years. In particular their collaborations with Irish singer, Nathan Johnson, have won plenty of support in the contemporary soul world. However, their music palette is hard to pin down. It’s not easy to categorize them. They can belt out Northern flavoured soul pastiches just as easily as they can deliver chilly, trippy instrumentals – and a lot more!

This Friday, 17th March the Angels deliver their second album and that categorization enigma becomes even more complicated. The ten tracker that is ‘Revelations’ is a strange and varied piece of work. A glance at some of the track titles will tell you that straight away. So, amongst the ten there’s ‘House Of Zeus’, ‘Ganimed’, Kung Fu Noir’ and Ayahuasca’  – what exactly do they mean? Well, hard to say. The first three are odd, spaced out, electro instrumental  meanders while the fourth is similar but with a chilled out monologue reminiscent of some of those Café Del Mar things. Most SJF readers will pass  those by!

There’s more to interest us in the building, brassy ‘In And Out’ with a vocal from Jean Cortis. Then there’s ‘Where Did It All Go’ – a European take on neo-soul with vocals  from Jepka. The band’s  regular vocal  collaborator, Nathan Johnson features on the albums’ title track. This was released as a single at the beginning of March. Stark and broody, the song deals with climate change and other social issues. Elsewhere, ‘Gabriel’ is a haunting tune that has Milo Milone (Rhonda) on vocals. This one gets better with repeated plays . It deals with “the sense of despair over what was not meant to be” so you can probably guess the soundscape which adds to the intrigue of the album.

THE ANGELS OF LIBRA ‘Revelations’ released March 17th  via Waterfall Records.

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