Latest release from RAMROCK RETRO dusts down the old glitter ball and digs deep into the disco archive with a floor filler from RARE PLEASURE. The band are best known for their 1976 disco classic ‘Let Me Down Easy’ on Cheri Records 12”. It seems that a follow up  remained elusive and that 1977 ‘Superfine Feeling’ only ever saw the light of day as an ultra-rare Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs acetate running at 10:45 and costing over £400 if you were ever able to track one down.

Now, last year dance  DJ/mixer Ashley Beedle was approached to edit the unreleased track which eventually  won a UK 12” vinyl release on Spencer Broughton’s As and Bees label. Enter Ramrock who decided that a 7” would go down a treat . So, the North Street Collective of Ashley Beedle, Darren Morris and Jo Wallace came up with a ‘Superfine Feeling’ 7” Edit and in the true tradition of classic soul dance tracks, named them Pt1 & Pt2. The tune is big and brash, exuberant and energy-packed. It’s out now but you need to supply your own talcum powder!!!