MANNIX is one of Austria’s top soulful house DJs/Producers. He’s been on the scene since the early 90s and has worked here, there and jolly well everywhere! His work has been released on labels like AM: PM, Go Beat, Generate Music, Soundmen On Wax, Polydor and V2.

His latest single comes courtesy of the UK’s Favouritizm label and ‘So Much Time’ is an hypnotic slab of contemporary soulful house with just a whiff of retro about it. The cut rides a deep groove… just right for the superlative vocal talents of Ms LISA SHAW.

Toronto born Lisa needs little introduction. She’s been at the top of her game for almost two decades though she’s probably best known for her work with Naked Music and the legendary Miguel Migs.

Mannix says: “Lisa Shaw has always been a singer I wanted to work with. She has a very unique, strong voice and many of her songs are memorable and emotional. That’s why I’m very happy that this project became reality. Production wise the release also underlines my movement towards deeper, but still soulful sounds which fits the whole song very well!”

Mannix Ft. Lisa Shaw; ‘So Much Time’ is out now on Favouritizm / FAV43