Veteran soul entrepreneur/songwriter/producer/artist PRESTON GLASS returns to the fray with a new album  that offers a dozen contemporary soul cuts aimed at the more discerning collector. To help him deliver his musical ideas Mr G has enlisted some top vocalists – namely Brandon Wattz, Terrill, Tony Lindsay, Kimberlyne, Kimmie Dee and Eastwood. Preston has worked with most of ‘em before and he considers them almost like family – hence the marquee name on the long player – PRESTON GLASS and CHOSEN FAMILY; and oh, the album’s title is ‘Where I Live’.

Indeed ‘Where I Live’ is one of the set’s focus cuts. It’s a steady mid-tempo groove just right for, shall we say, the more sedate dancers. It’s never frantic but you can’t fail to tap toes, nod heads – even shake the odd leg! Vocalist here is Kimberlyne who’s  aided and abetted by some polite rhyming from Eastwood who offers dance instructions for those who like to step.

The album offers plenty more for the sedate rug cutters. Tracks like   ‘The Vibe That I Get From You’ (vocals from Brandon Wattz), ‘Like Mama Always Said’ and ‘When You Go Back Twice’ will get you moving, but, as we’ve said, not too frenetically! Lead voice on those last two by the way is ever-dependable Tony Lindsay whose career experience shines through. He’s upfront on the album’s best ballad too, ‘Along Came The Love’. This a proper good ‘un. Hints of dear Thom Bell. If you’re a ballad kind of person, you’ll also enjoy ‘Drifting Devotion’, ‘Our Own Journey’  and ‘Lighten The Load’ – all three vocals down to Terrill.

This ‘Where I Live’ album won’t set the soul world alight. It was never meant to. What it does do is deliver, fresh, adult soul – good songs, well-produced and soulfully delivered by a star cast. It’s out now via Platinum Garage Recordings/SOUL MUSIC Records .