Hamburg’s THE ANGELS OF LIBRA won plenty of paludits last year with their quirky take on soul. Guest-fronted by Irish singer Nathan Johnson, their eponymous album yielded  several soul goodies notably ‘All Your Love‘ and  ‘In A Different World’.

For their latest relase, however, they offer something totally different . Their new song (sans Nathan Johnosn) is called ‘Concrete Jungle‘ and it’s a heavy, heavy dose of hip hop! For the track the Angels have teamed up with Boston-born, but with roots in New York City and the Caribbean via the Dominican Republic, Joél Davíd’. He says he’s a rhyming storyteller heavily influenced by people like A Tribe Called Quest and the Wu Tang Clan. So, you probably get the flavour of this ‘Concrete Jungle’. Yes, hard core rap dealing with the systemic oppression of classism and racism. As you’d expect there’s plenty of expletives and, yes, not for everyone! It’s out now via Waterfall Records.