ANDRIA SIMONE is a Canadian singer/songwriter and she’s just released her second album ‘Evolve (Evolution Through Vibration)’. Though it’s only been 18 month since her debut set, ‘Nothing Comes Easy’, Andria – backed by her band, Those Guys – has built up quite a reputation in her homeland and in the UK where last year, she headlined the Lancaster Music Festival.

All the songs on the new album are originals save for a cover of the Cream anthem, ‘Sunshine Of My Love’ and though it’s hard to put a label on Andria’s music she simply calls it “funkadelic blues jazz fusion.” The album’s lead single, ‘Beautiful Life’ will give you the flavour of what’s on offer. It’s a rumbling builder of a song that fuses elements of soul with a rocky undercurrent. Lyrically it’s inspired by reflections upon a death in the family and turbulent recent events in her family’s ancestral home of Ukraine. It is not, Andria stresses, “a song about materialism. It is about people standing up for the right to live a beautiful life in terms of being free, as in Ukraine. To me, a beautiful life is not based on what you buy. It’s about family, friends and love.”

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