Latest offering from soul entrepreneur PRESTON GLASS is another album of downtime soul duets from some of indie soul’s top artists. Several of the long player’s cuts have been available already as singles – notably Brenda Lee Eager and Grady Harrell’s ‘Always On The Lookout For Love’. Proper soul seekers might also be familiar with Chubby Tavares’ duet with Patti Brooks, ‘Music Is Healing’.

For the rest well, the music and the productions don’t push any envelopes – but if you like grown up modern soul this is worth investigating. As an example, there’s a take on ‘You Make Me Feel Brand New’ (courtesy of Angel Rose and Tony Lindsey) and though it doesn’t offer anything new, it’s still a lovely little cut. By the way, Preston Glass himself takes to the mic… he puts himself up front on ‘Nothing Like It (Love)’ on which his vocal partner is Talita Long.

Preston Glass Duets 2 album is out now